A Visit to TatukGIS Headquarters in Gdynia, Poland

Last week I returned from a wonderful trip to Poland where I had the good fortune of visiting TatukGIS headquarters in Gdynia, Poland.

My guess is that a lot of US companies that consider using TatukGIS software are apprehensive at first because TatukGIS is located in Poland. In addition, they probably wonder if they can receive support in English. And somehow they might be curious if this is just a one-man operation running as a front out of India.

Well I can tell you first-hand that they do speak English at TatukGIS and that it is not a one-man operation running out of Mumbai!

TatukGIS is a group of friendly, focused, intelligent, and hard-working people.

They were generous enough to take time out of their busy schedules (and let me tell you they are busy!) to show me how they and their software operated, to discuss future directions of their company, and to answer specific questions that I had about their software.

I spent quite a bit of time getting to know the owners and discussing the US GIS software market. In addition, the owners were hospitable enough to show me around beautiful northern Poland for a few days.

After visiting with TatukGIS owners and staff I feel even more confident about TatukGIS software and in the future direction of TatukGIS.