Customizing the TatukGIS Editor: Powerful, Versatile, and Easy-to-Use

The TatukGIS Editor (, in addition to being a powerful, robust, and easy-to-use GIS platform, is also fully customizable. From simple interface customizations to complex application development, the TatukGIS Editor can do it all.

With Version 2.0 of their Editor product, TatukGIS has included the ability to customize the entire Editor interface. Customized user scripts and forms can also be created via the Scripter Studio functionality.

This customization capability offers several advantages to the GIS organization.

One advantage is that the Editor can be used to quickly create application prototypes which can then be made into TatukGIS Developer Kernel ( applications at a later date. Developers can focus on making specific functionality work instead of wasting time putting together the portions of a GIS application that the Editor has out-of-the-box.

Another advantage is that the Editor can be customized by GIS 'power' users who can then easily share customization scripts with each other. Such users don't have access to typical application development software (such as VisualStudio or Delphi), nor do they typically have the skills of a computer programmer. The Editor makes it easier for such users to tailor a GIS application to their needs.

This is also an advantage for GIS consulting firms who develop GIS applications. GIS consulting firms can develop and deliver robust GIS applications without the overhead of application development software.

At the simplest level, users can easily modify the graphical user interface of the Editor to make it suite their needs.

Let's say, for example, that a company needs all of the features of the Editor, but that they want to optimize it for use on a TabletPC that will be used in the field. In this case the map display should be maximized to cover the entire (small) display of a TabletPC and only commonly-used functions should be made available to eliminate clutter and maximize screen real estate.

The image below shows the Editor interface optimized for use on a TabletPC.

The Editor also allows users to add customized functionality to the existing interface. Two sample scripts included with the Editor illustrate how easy it is to add buttons and menus to the Editor's interface.

The image below shows the Editor interface with a custom Zoom toolbar and menu.

Scripts and forms are created in the Editor's Scripter Studio (see below). Scripter Studio allows users to create very powerful and complex applications. Scripter Studio include a Delphi7-like interface that includes Standard, Win32, Data Access, Dialogs, ADO, and TatukGIS controls. In addition, almost the entire functionality of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel is available via Scripter Studio.

The image below shows the Editor's powerful Scripter Studio.

With a little more effort, customized data input forms including pulldown lists, a date-picker, and data validation can be made as shown in the image below.

With the customization features introduced in the TatukGIS Editor Version 2.0, the Editor becomes a powerful and viable GIS development platform for all ranges of users within a GIS organization and for GIS consulting firms.

Combine this with the ease-of-use, power, and GIS functionality available in the Editor and it becomes a very versatile and indispensable GIS tool.