When Money Is No Object, Top Companies Choose TatukGIS

It's not considered proper etiquette to speak poorly of your competitors.

However, lately some so-called competitors of TatukGIS have been speaking poorly about TatukGIS on their websites and in their advertising campaigns.

Suffice to say that those who are getting the attention are getting the attention they deserve. And those who are receiving no attention don't deserve any to begin with.

The truth is that TatukGIS has no real competition. TatukGIS makes GIS products that are easy-to-use, fully-supported, intuitive, powerful, robust, flexible, fast, and inexpensive. There is no other GIS company whose products match even a subset of those attributes.

But let's pretend that TatukGIS products are totally unknown to you, dear reader. Let's pretend that all you know about TatukGIS is a partial list of their customers, which just so happens to be available at this link: http://www.tatukgis.com/client_app/client_list.aspx.

As you scroll down the list you see some interesting-sounding names of small companies which might not impress you so much as first blush. But then you see the names of companies in the following industries:

- Logistics, GPS Fleet Tracking & Management, Navigation, Routing, Shipping, Transportation Security

- Transportation Infrastructure, Traffic/Crash Management, Public Transport

- Flight Planning, Aeronautics, Aerial Mapping

- Environmental Engineering & Consulting, Pollution Modeling, Flood Simulation, Hydrogeology, Oceanography, Noise Modeling

- Municipal Management, Urban Planning, Cadastral Mapping, Tax planning

- Pubic Emergency Response (911) & Rescue Services, Law Enforcement/Public Safety, Situational Management, Security Systems

- Health/Health Care/Medical Research

- Meteorology, Weather Information and Research, Storm Tracking

- Infrastructure Management, Civil Engineering, Pipelines, Utilities, Street Lighting, Water Systems

- Electrical Power Distribution

- Wireless Communications, Telecommunications, Radio Frequency Coverage

- Mining, Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, Pipelines, Geology

- National Defense, Homeland Security

Let me read between the lines for you here:

Companies with contracts in these industries are paid LARGE sums of money to get the job done.

The sums of money they are paid are large enough that the cost of the GIS software they use is not an issue. Whether the GIS software required to do the job costs $500 or $500,000 does not even matter one tiny bit to these companies.

What matters to these companies is that the GIS software they are using is the best. And each company defines what the 'best' GIS software is using different business requirements.

But they have all come to the same conclusion: TatukGIS is the best.

When peoples' lives are at risk do you want to be using buggy, unproven GIS components? No.

When you are dealing with billions of dollars in natural resources, do you want to use a slow GIS application? No.

When the National Defense of your country is at stake, do you want to be calling the GIS software support line asking why the latest service pack update ruined your customized enterprise GIS application? No.

So perhaps the title of this article should have been:

When Peoples' Lives are at Risk, When Dealing with Billions of Dollars in Natural Resources, and When the National Defense of the Country is at Stake, Top Companies Choose TatukGIS.