Itacasoft Creates Android & Silverlight GIS Development Framework Using TatukGIS Technology

TatukGIS partner Itacasoft ( announced the release of its ItacaMap Android & Silverlight GIS Development Framework that was built using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel.

An Android application developed with the ItacaMap for Android for display a cadastral map. The vector maps are the same of the previous image and are presented as a semitransparent layer(s) over road imagery from Google Maps.

ItacaMap is a programming framework that enables software developers to build rich and high performance web and mobile GIS applications founded on the RIA (Rich Internet Application) concept. Based on TatukGIS technology (the server side is developed with the TatukGIS Developer Kernel), this product provides web and mobile programmers access to some of the features of the well known TatukGIS DK.

ItacaMap is composed of a WMS server developed with Isapi Web Broker technology (Delphi) and a "rich" client which communicates with the server through a simple XML based protocol. This choice allows programmers to develop customized clients in any programming language that supports web and XML based communication.

ItacaMap is multiplatform.  Product editions are available for the following development platforms:
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Android
  • HTML + JavaScript
  • Windows 8 
Each of the products share a common network architecture and the same server application. This means that GIS data can be shared among different type of device (desktop, smartphone, tablet) and that the effort of porting an application between different platforms is drastically reduced, at the same time preserving performance and features of the preferred development environment.

ItacaMap makes use of web technologies that maximize performances. On the server side, because the application is implemented as an Isapi module, it delivers better performances compared to scripting (PHP, Perl), ASP.NET or Java solutions. On the client side, the fact that the program is built as a rich application makes users of a web or mobile application built on ItacaMap to experience a particularly fluid and graphically attractive interaction.

Each of the product editions are able to integrate common mapping service today available, such as Bing Maps and Google Maps, giving the user the ability to visualize his own GIS data over satellite or road maps. This also exposes all features of Bing Maps or Google Maps additional services such as address geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, etc.

For more information about the ItacaMap Development Framework, please visit the following link: ItacaMap website

To view a ItacaMap demo, please visit the following link: ItacaMap Viewer demo