TatukGIS Software Is Being Used to Fulfill Government Procurement Contracts Around the Globe

In August 2012, the Polish company LOGON SA won a public procurement contract with the Poland Environmental Protection Agency to supply computer hardware and GIS software to its provincial offices and to the provincial headquarters of the Poland Fire Service.

LOGON selected the desktop TatukGIS Editor product to fulfill the GIS software portion of the contract.

In addition, the Erie County, Pennsylvania tax assessment department is using the TatukGIS Editor to perform a county-wide reassessment of property values.

The TatukGIS Editor is a powerful and fully customizable desktop GIS that can view and edit enterprise GIS databases and render GIS data in full 3D. 

Hefty volume discounts of the Editor place the per seat price at around US$250.  A site-license for Training Kits for the TatukGIS Editor can be purchased for US$359.

In these times of reduced government spending and increased government accountability, government agencies are searching for the best value for their money. 

TatukGIS represents the best value in the GIS industry.