Croatian Company Develops Desktop, Mobile, and Windows Azure Cloud Cemetary Management System using TatukGIS Technology

AXIOM Business GIS Solutions located in Čakovec, Croatia has used the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (VCL and Compact Framework editions) to develop the Axiom Memento cemetery management information system, the leading cemetery management software in Croatia and the western Balkans region.

Axiom Memento map module easily handles high resolution ortophotos and vector layers held in a central enterprise GIS database.
Presently used to manage approximately 1,000 cemeteries ranging in size from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of gravesites, Axiom Memento combines a set of very powerful modules with user simplicity to deliver an unmatched return on investment and total cost of ownership that has outclassed other gravesite management products in the local market.

The Axiom Memento Map module handles even the largest cemeteries with ease, featuring support for industry-standard GIS vector and raster map data formats. The Map Editor derives from features of the Developer Kernel a powerful set of tools for vectorization of orthophotos and scanned maps and creation of cemetery expansion plans. Specialized vector drawing and editing tools include rotated rectangle, 3-point circle, 90° line and polygon, free line and polygon, copy, move, rotate, numbering and labeling, area and distance measurement, and real world coordinates editing.

Mobile GIS module (MoGIS) running on a handheld computer.

Axiom Memento supports joining vector cemetery maps to gravesite data held in a database. The joined data can be queried in the database using various criteria with the results displayed on map. Records in the database can be looked up by performing spatial selections on the map or by “drilling down” through the map user interface into the database.

The Axiom Memento Web GIS module runs on the Windows Azure cloud server to present gravesite maps and data over the internet to help families and other visitors locate gravesites. The same data is used for a kiosk application that can be placed anywhere at the cemetery.

Search capabilities of Axiom Memento webGIS module, also available for tablet and smartphone devices.
 In addition to GIS related modules, the Axiom Memento Invoicing and Accounting module uses gravesite data to generate, with just one click, standardized invoices for thousands of gravesite maintenance or other services, as well as customized invoices for non-standard items. Invoices can be barcoded for fast payment registration. Payment records editing is very simple but powerful, with many reporting options.
AXIOM Business GIS Solutions has been a steady TatukGIS customer for 10 years, using primarily the TatukGIS Developer Kernel VCL edition to develop GIS-data-centric applications for customers who appreciate how GIS empowers their business processes (mainly utility companies and municipalities).

AXIOM reports that using the TatukGIS DK to develop royalty-free GIS applications is highly preferable to the alternative of writing plug-ins for popular GIS packages.

The thing AXIOM likes most about the TatukGIS DK component is its great support for the Embarcadero Delphi development environment, native support for a wide variety of GIS data formats, and its highly efficient handling of huge orthophoto aerial images. The TatukGIS support for different development platforms (desktop, mobile, web) is also a big plus.