REST Services in the New TatukGIS DK for ASP.NET v.10

Did you think you could only utilize low-overhead GIS REST services with ESRI ArcGIS Server? 

Think again!

With the recent release of the TatukGIS DK for ASP.NET v.10 you can now access the fast and easy-to-use TatukGIS server engine using simple-to-implement REST web services.

The DK for ASP.NET is a 100% pure .NET SDK supporting HTML5/JavaScript technology for smooth, multi-touch browsing with the leading web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and platforms (iOS iPhone and iPad, Mac OS, Android phone and tablets, Windows Mobile devices, etc.).

As a web server component featuring the full TatukGIS API, the DK for ASP.NET is complimentary to other DK editions designed for desktop, client-server, embedded, and handheld GIS application development.

The DK for ASP.NET is particularly similar to the DK.NET edition - both are 100% pure .NET and feature the same object API (except for differences required by the different technologies). Like other DK editions, the DK.ASP.NET is licensed per developer and free of server deployment royalties or run-time fees.

DK for ASP.NET 10 features include:

    ASP.NET control supporting the full TatukGIS Developer Kernel API
    Pure (100%) .NET (4.0 and higher) code
    Full support for 32- and 64- bit applications
    Easy "copy-file" deployment
    HTML5 support for smooth client-side compatibility
    JavaScript API
    Multi-touch support (including Windows 8)
    Rich client-side editing and drawing
    Includes WMS, TMS, and REST services
    Spatial database support with Enterprise Version
    Per developer licensing
    Royalty free deployment

Here's a some sample REST service code: