The i-Tree™ GIS Solution: TreeGIS

 The powerful, affordable GIS-solution for mapping any tree-based inventory, including i-Tree

TreeGIS allows for the quick geographic display of either the i-Tree™ STREETS or ECO databases.  (Note: TreeGIS can easily be modified to work with any urban forest inventory.)

TreeGIS can display almost any enterprise GIS layer in any coordinate system without the need for any expensive 3rd-party software.
The TreeGIS interface showing tree locations and crown diameters from an ECO database.
Any attribute within the i-Tree™ STREETS or ECO databases can be displayed as a label on the map or can be used for thematic mappingThis includes any attribute in the database that is linked to a plot or tree location, including ECO database attributes used for reporting such as individual tree effects and individual tree pollution effects.  Any attribute can also be queried and highlighted in map view or table view.
The TreeGIS interface showing individual trees selected, their attributes, and summarized data.
Actual tree DBH and crown diameter can be displayed in 2-D, and DBH, height, crown diameter, and crown height can be viewed in 3-D, for a stunning visual display.
The TreeGIS 3D display of ECO database trees in relation to surrounding buildings.
Use the i-Tree™ inventory tools for gathering tabular data in the field and use TreeGIS tools to share map data for field or office-use using GoogleMaps, BingMaps, or GoogleEarth on any iPhone or Android device
ECO database tree location, labels, and attributes exported to GoogleEarth from TreeGIS.
Create and edit shapefiles of any kind and export them to CAD, MapInfo, GPS Exchange, GoogleEarth, CSV, SQLite, and other formats.

Generate random plot locations for use in the field.  Display tree photos whose names are stored in either the i-Tree™ STREETS or ECO databases.

Display and record the current GPS location in the map view.  Use BingMaps as a base layer in the map view.

For information about obtaining a trial version of TreeGIS or about purchasing, please consult the FAQ at the top of this page or feel free to contact us here.