The TatukGIS Consulting Forum

The TatukGIS Consulting Forum is a subscription-based consulting forum for people interested in TatukGIS software & GIS project expertise.

Note that the forum addresses the need for US-based, native English speaking, GIS project consulting beyond the software-specific support provided by TatukGIS.  Code-based questions and low-level TatukGIS software questions should be directed at TatukGIS Support.

Note that only a reasonable number of questions per user per week will be addressed by TatukGIS Consulting.  Unreasonable forum users will be directed to our Consulting page and be refunded the amount remaining on their forum subscription.

30-day access to the TatukGIS Consulting Forum is included with the purchase of any training.

You will be given access to the Forum within a business day after purchasing a Forum subscription.

Subscription Length