Please feel to contact us via email or phone.  However, please make note of the following policies regarding Application Development, Conference Calls, Project Estimates, and Premium Support for TatukGIS Software.

Application Development
TatukGIS Consulting can provide application development services using any TatukGIS technology for customers at the rate of US$60/hour.

TatukGIS Consulting can accept entire application development contracts that are paid 50% due upon signing the contract and the remainder due upon completion.

TatukGIS Consulting can also provide piecemeal application development services on a retainer basis.  Please refer to the Retainer-Based Consulting item below.

For conference calls and project estimates related to application development projects, please refer to the following two items.

Conference Calls
TatukGIS Consulting is one of very few companies in the world who specialize in TatukGIS technology solutions.  Our time is valuable.  All conference call (via phone or Skype) time must be purchased in advance at the rate of US$60/hour.  (To purchase conference call time in advance using a credit card or PayPal, please use the PayPal link below.)

Project Estimates
TatukGIS Consulting can provide project estimates for customers who are interested in using TatukGIS technology in their projects.  However, TatukGIS Consulting can only provide a realistic estimate if a detailed project requirements document is available.  TatukGIS Consulting will review a detailed project requirements document and provide a project estimate for the cost of three (3) consulting hours at the rate of US$60/hour.  This time must be purchased in advance.  (To purchase this time in advance using a credit card or PayPal, please use the PayPal link below.)  TatukGIS Consulting can also assist customers in creating a detailed project requirements document for their project on a retainer basis.

Premium Support for TatukGIS Software
Because TatukGIS Consulting receives no monetary benefit from the sale of TatukGIS software sold at, TatukGIS Consulting does not offer free support for TatukGIS software.  However, TatukGIS Consulting can provide excellent phone, Skype, or email support for interested customers at the rate of US$60/hour.

Premium support includes native American English-speaking support, within-the-hour response times, phone support, and 72 hour turnaround for small application programming tasks.

Support hours can be purchased entirely in advance or on a retainer basis.  (To purchase support hours in advance using a credit card or via PayPal, please use the PayPal link below.)

Retainer-Based Consulting
Here's how retainer-based consulting works:

(1) You email TatukGIS Consulting with your issue and your timeframe.

(2) TatukGIS Consulting will reply to you and let you know if we can help you with your issue within the timeframe you specified.

(Typically we will know right away if we can solve your issue quickly or not.  If we don't know, we will tell you immediately.  If you want us to research an issue, we can do that too.  But we prefer to do what we do best so that we can provide the best customer service.)

(3) You purchase a retainer of 16 hours of consulting time.

(4) TatukGIS Consulting will then complete the task and refund the remainder of the retainer to you.

Pay TatukGIS Consulting via Credit Card or PayPal
TatukGIS Consulting can be paid via Paypal secure payments or via check, money order, or wire transfer.  (To pay by check, money order, or wire transfer, please contact us for more information.)

By clicking on the 'Buy Now' icon below, you will be redirected to a secure Paypal payment site.

Note: to pay by credit card without using a Paypal account, click on the 'Pay with a debit or credit card' link circled in red in the following screenshot on the Paypal secure payment page.

One hour of TatukGIS Consulting time

US$60.00/hour. (Multiple hours can be purchased after clicking on the 'Buy Now' button.)