FGIS plugin

FGIS: The Forestry GIS plugin to the TatukGIS Editor
The Forestry GIS plugin (FGIS) is a simple, easy-to-use, and customizable suite of tools that is aimed at making forestry and land management professionals' jobs easier.  (Note: the FGIS plugin requires the TatukGIS Editor in order to function.)

The FGIS plugin can be used to update Acres (or any shape measurement) values for all polygons in a vector layer or display the Acreage (or any shape measurement) for all selected shapes in the view.  The FGIS plugin has tools for easily creating polygons that share coincident boundaries.  The FGIS plugin can generate a random or systematic sample of points within an area.  The FGIS plugin can be used to search for a given Township, Range, and Section.  With the FGIS plugin you can easily input a traverse description into a point layer.  The FGIS plugin can be used to find the best route between two points in a road network and plot the current GPS location on a map in real-time.

The FGIS plugin is totally customizable and includes a detailed survey data input form that can be used as a template for the creation of other data input forms.
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