TatukGIS Consulting was created in 2003 by Brian Brown MS, MS when he first started working with the TatukGIS DK with the University of Wisconsin and the State of Wisconsin on the original fGIS (Forestry GIS) application.

TatukGIS Consulting is a boutique GIS shop headed by Brian and composed of a small group of bright, energetic, hard-working, and fun-loving developers with a wide range of backgrounds including web, server, and database development.

Brian worked as a GIS specialist/programmer for the University of Wisconsin Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology for 15 years and has worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry and the US Forest Service on many GIS projects. Brian has broad and deep experience with all ESRI and TatukGIS technologies as well as many open source and free GIS technologies.

Brian holds a Master of Science degree in Forest Ecology and Management with a focus on GIS and Remote Sensing and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Monitoring, GIS, and Remote Sensing from the University of Wisconsin. His graduate adviser was Dr. Thomas M. Lillesand, author of the popular remote sensing textbook Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation. Brian's Master's thesis was entitled 'Forest Inventory in Northern Wisconsin using Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar'.

TatukGIS Consulting prefers to work in the Embarcadero Delphi environment with VB.NET as a second choice. We strive for simplicity. We require larger projects with longer timeframes to be thoroughly documented. We welcome smaller projects with shorter timeframes.

We are located in Stevens Point, WI.

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