TatukGIS Consulting

TatukGIS Consulting offers GIS Training, GIS Application Development, & GIS Consulting. A U.S.-based TatukGIS partner since 2003, TatukGIS Consulting also offers premium support for TatukGIS solutions.

We also offer TatukGIS Training Kits which enable developers and organizations to tap in to our experience to reduce the TatukGIS learning curve and more quickly begin creating powerful TatukGIS applications.

The TatukGIS Training Kits include an on-line manual with over 120 pages of hands-on instructional material covering 17 chapters and illustrating, step-by-step, how to set-up and use the TatukGIS DK to create 12 focused applications. Training Kits additionally include source code to the applications, sample data, and videos illustrating how to use most of the applications. Training covers a broad range of the TatukGIS DK functionality, including how to create new vector layers, select features by location, create in-memory layers, edit shapes, geoprocessing, edit attributes, advanced feature symbolization, edit enterprise GIS database layers, GPS, address matching, routing, and more.

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